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Address on a ongoing basis
Need to learn the culture
Talked to law enforcement, State GA investigator
98% of problems come from....
Zero Tolerance -- No warnings --
on purpose/accidental -- kicked off for three months
on purpose to create problem -- kicked off for year

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Posted by: "Bigenho, Chris" chris_bigenho

Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:01 pm (PST) As I am short on time...

Do drug and alcohol progams provide curiosity to experiment with these substances?

Does the teaching of the 3rd Reich in history cause students to explore the life in white supremacy groups?

There is so much fear about surrounding what people don't know. Ignorance breeds fear.
We need parents and the educational community to understand the power of collaboration
and social cognition. These social software applications reflect living in the 21st century.
David Weinberg et al wrote about how the Internet would change business in the Clue Train.
That was almost seven years ago. Much of they said applies to education today, we just
have not realized it yet.

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